n my artistic practice I want to be approachable to the public, creating a sense of communal connection while at the same time engaging and serving the audience in an entertained and enlightening way.

As an artist I take risks and challenges by exploring, experimentation and through personal experiences. I am personally drawn to work with dancers and artists who possess inner strength; artists who show maturity in his/her artistic work and who are capable of adding spices and persona into their piece with confidence and honesty, rather than purely concerned with perfections. I also enjoy working with directors and choreographers who are willing to exchange and share his/her experiences and narratives when collaborating as well as being honest about their developmental phases and memories. Overall I consider myself as a free spirited person who is fascinated in dancing out debatable answers to the many questions of life.

What I Do

Dance Work/Projects

I invest on process rather than outcome. I aspire to find the rawness, the simplicity or gentility within a person. Movements that are truthful and organic to both performer and viewer are vital to me. I draw inspirations from multiple sources ranging from nature, landscapes, people and their rituals.

Teaching & Sharing

It is a platform for me to ‘give back’ what I’ve received – my exposures, experiences and encounters of working with other artists. I may lecture or even form classes and workshops for close interactions and participations.

Get In Touch with Me

Upcoming Events


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0+Participated in events
Kyoto Experimental Festival
Nyanyian Bumi
in Collaboration with Aco Ridzwan (Makassar) and Atsushi Heki (Japan)
in Collaboration with an actor, Thomas Pang for M1 Contact Festival Singapore
5 th Edition Interface 2016
Together with DPAC Dance Co troupe to Kolkata 9 th -16 th Sept International Festival of Alternative and Contemporary Expressions
Dancing in Place
Within “The human animal needs a freedom seldom mentioned, freedom from intrusion. He needs a little privacy quite as much as he wants understanding, vitamins, or exercise, or praise.” — Phylis McGinley. Choreographed by Kenny Shim
MasaKini Dance Theatre
Mobius Dance
Mix Bill between Mobius Dance Co and Kenny Shim with collective.
Danced for a German Choreographer, Paula Rosolen. ‘Puppets’ was performed in Theatre de la Ville @ PARIS, @DPACKL @PENANGPAC
in Asian Male Voices with Odyssey Dance Theatre Company Singapore
Palem Festival
Site Specific Show Work at Pacitan,Yogyakarta
by theatre director Carlos for DPAC Art Festival
All 27 different items is happening! In @KLPAC by MyDance Alliance
Goyang Karawang International Dance Festival
Performed ‘Ayun to the Right’, a new piece together with dancer Silver Yee
Dains Fest @Singapore
Slave Princess
Ballet Production in Sabah merging of West and East Malaysian Ballerinas
Rainforest Fringe Festival
The festival programming offers experiences of Sarawak through its history, nature and culture; presented as dance, theatre, talks, exhibitions, and fashion
People Without Season
SOUN[D]ANCE (22)(24)
An open improvisation with musicians (instrumental) and dancers in space. @Raw Arts Space
Tari International Dance Festival
the 19th Edition of ASWARA’s 19th Dance will be held from 15-19th October 2019 with theme of ‘Renewal-Dance in the 21st Century’.
Georgetown Dance Festival
Pop-up Dance ‘Antithesis’ in collaboration with Artistic Director of Mural Lingo from Singapore.