Generally, Karawang Sundanese have rich and variety of cultural arts. Karawang traditional artists have been representing Sundanese culture through various dance choreographs, such as Ajeng, Ketuk Tilu, Pencungan, Soja, Blenderan and Jaipong. Karawang Tourism and Culture Department has been exploring and developing traditional arts as a space where ideas and works unite disciplines, aiming at the same goals:

encourage the importance of arts and cultural approach for any purpose in human life. In attempt to develop tourism sector, the Department is holding the 2019 International Goyang Karawang Festival.

in this first international festival, Pei Ern was invited representing Malaysia to perform in this platform.

It was first performed in Galuh Mas Field II Karawang – West Java

Piece titled : Ayun to the Right

And later was performed in Tari International Dance Fest Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Piece Titled: Ayun to the Right 2nd version