Project Brief

It was on Malaysia Day, September 16, 2018 that I was privileged to be part of Rempah2018 doing a site-specific dance together with other talented Malaysian artists. Rempah2018 was organized by One Nation Fits All (ONFA), a community platform born out of the desire to build inter-connectedness amongst the various sectors of this country as we celebrate New Malaysia through food, music, arts and crafts – the very elements that Malaysians love best.

While in an outdoor open space, I had to put an imaginary line between the performer space and audience space so that there is no boundary between the two spaces. And herein lies the challenge, for I have to think of ways to turn my audience into participants of the performance.
Rempah2018 on Malaysia Day also have me working together with Sabahan dancer-artists Rithaudin Abdul Kadir (Abang Din) and Fehezul Azri bin Suhaimi (Romo). At this unconventional, unknown and unfamiliar space, together the three of us Sabahans performed our Sabah native dances.