“But here is a story of serendipity: I met the professional dancer Peiern and we had the project of taking pictures of her dancing in a special place.
When she came to see my INTERZONE (loading…) exhibition at Hachimonjiya, she immediately said: “I have a deep feeling with this place, I wanna dance here.”
Kai-san agreed and we shot Monday afternoon. I have a first selection of 70 pictures.
And the story goes on: what about an hommage or wink to Kai-san 2020 KG in the form of an exhibition in Delta, after the festival ? A female dancer impersonating the Hachimonjiya’s living souls.
Everything is connected : Kyotographie, Kai-San, Hachimonjiya, Delta “
Sébastien RAIZER
Living tools connected to dead tools
neurotic panic algorithmic mimic
in the black iron asylum of
Humans are soul-linked and dance many languages in an ever floating world, all of them futuresgenerators, free and unlimited, equally bright and dark, saving and dangerous — art being the
impossible momentum of their equinoxes.
I felt this was the silent bet that Pei Ern made when she discovered Hachimonjiya:
I immediately trusted her ability to feel, read and embody the living souls of the place, their
memories, histories and emotions.
And Kai Fusayoshi, writer, photographer and owner of Hachimonjiya, immediately approved the
As an artist, Pei Ern is a link between various territories of languages and life.
I tried to catch her talks and tales and illuminations the best way I understood them.
Sébastien Raizer, October 2020, Kyoto.
Sébastien Raizer is a French writer published by les Éditions Gallimard, Paris. He is the author of
transrealistic novels and narratives about zen and iaidō. His first photography exhibition,
INTERZONE (loading…), took place during KG+ 2020. He lives in Kyoto.
Lim Pei Ern was born in Sabah. After she graduated with a bachelor in dance in Singapore, she
started an international career. Among her numerous collaborations, she performed “Singularity”
for Kyoto Experimental Festival 2018. She now lives in Kyoto.

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